Random update

I really had intentions of writing again regularly, but….life happened.

Let’s see, Colby started back into regular school and is doing well and liking it. Not as much as he did at first because the newness has wore off and it is a lot of work, but it is challenging and he’s adjusted well.

I am getting excited for out cruise coming up the end of the month, and Colby’s trip to DC as well the day after I get back from cruising. I am trying not to stress out too much…not working sometimes, I’m a nervous mama.

We are trying a last ditch effort to get pregnant, it involves abstaining for fourteen days…I’m not sure if we will be able to do this one lol. What is it about wanting something worse when your not supposed to have it….oh well, we’ll see.

I have been doing pictures pretty often and have more coming up, I love my hobby, but in doing more I have become more critical and I’m trying not to be. I just know that I don’t like MY pictures over edited and like for skin to look like skin and peoples own perception of their “imperfections” are a part of them and makes them unique. I will edit out a bump or something like that, but I don’t airbrush the snot out of them. I like natural.

That’s about all I have to say for now, thanks for stopping by, have a great day!!

The latest

I had forgotten, for a bit how therapeutic it is for me to blog. I get busy with everything else in life and forget to stop and write it down. Speaking of busy, here’s what all is going on in our life.

Bowling! That is our newest and most time consuming hobby, we love it! It is something we can do together, that’s not out in the heat like golf, and we have fun. We have met some truly awesome people and really enjoy their company.

Work…Since March I have been kind of stressed about work due to being switched to a different team…I didn’t want to be, but it is finally looking up now. I am thinking about applying for a supervisor job, and I really think I would do good at it just for the simple fact that I am resourceful and available.

Pure Romance…I have had a few parties now, and really enjoy teaching women! That has been the two biggest compliments from almost every woman I talk to, they had fun and they learned something. That was my whole goal with starting this. It’s kind of hard in the summer to do parties, everyone is busy and I totally understand that. I am thinking it’s going to be a busy fall for me though and I am excited!

Colby…he has turned into the most wonderful teenager, his voice is so deep now and he probably needs to shave soon. He is a head taller than me too…I didn’t think growing up would happen so fast, but it has and it’s bittersweet. He is excited about getting back into public school and all of the classes he is going to take. He is so smart, I’m not sure where he got that from lol!!

Robert…his job at Fedex is so great now since he has a route closer to home. He gets home almost everyday by three o’clock. He loves it and so do I. As far as the baby making process, we have kind of just let it go. We are both ok with it if it happens and if not, then we will just keep going wide open with bowling, golfing, travel, work, and whatever else we can do that doesn’t require packing up everything to take a baby along too. We have peace about it.

So that is a little run down in case you were wondering. I have been working a lot of weekends lately and I am really excited about being off tomorrow and getting to go to my church. My best friend and I went to an old pastor of ours church last Sunday and it was great, but I miss my church. I haven’t been in about six or seven weeks now. I hope you all have a great day!!

Common courtesy

It’s what I believe this whole society lacks anymore. You see it on the roads, in stores, in movie theaters, and even in churches. Everyone is doing what they want to do no matter how it affects anyone else. Here are a couple of examples…

I was in Walmart (unfortunately) a few days ago, there was a log jam of people in the main aisle behind the registers. When we finally got going through, come to find out the cause was two women standing there talking, and a little girl about two or three pushing a plastic buggy out in the middle of the mob. The mother was oblivious to her daughters behavior, because she was in the way too…. I have stopped to talk to people before out in public, but I try to have enough respect for others to get out of their way.

Then another thing that happens in Walmart that proves my theory, is if you are standing in an aisle looking for a product you want and someone comes right up in front of you without so much as an kiss my butt or excuse me. I am known for my lack of patience, but I do have enough to wait for someone to move or say excuse me and quickly grab what I need and move on, not get in their space and take up five minutes for what I need.

This increasingly growing epidemic goes back to children. As parents we are raising kids to be adults. A child’s personality is developed by the time they are three years old. That’s when we are to be molding them into the kind of people that others don’t dread seeing come around. It’s not all about them, but so many parents now a days are afraid to make their kid mad at them. Parenting isn’t for the lazy, it takes lots of work to RAISE kids. Mine isn’t perfect, he gets in trouble once in a while, but he is respectful at all times and people enjoy being around him.

I really could rant on and on over this topic, but what good would it do? I will just keep trying to exercise common courtesy to my fellow humans along this ride with me, and work on my patience as well. (But it does drive me nuts lol!!!). Y’all have a great blessed day and try not to be oblivious to others today!

One thing’s for certain…

Change is inevitable! This is true for anyone today. Nothing ever stays the same. Go to Walmart sometime and try to find your favorite product, it won’t be there or will be moved across the store. Your hair…just look back at some old photos. Healthcare, don’t even get me started there lol.

Anyway, some more changes around here at the house. No, no, I’m not selling Tupperware now too, on top of all my other dabblings… Colby is going back into school next year for eighth grade. It’s time, he’s bored and has really come into his own as far as making friends and needs some people his age to hang out with. He had the homeschool group he participated in, begrudgingly at first, but really did get into it towards the end of this year. It makes me a little (ok, a lot) sad that this chapter is closing, but I’m just super glad we got the opportunity to do it as long as we did and he enjoyed it, and is ready to do something different.

Things are well with Roberts’ job now, he gets home everyday usually by 3 and we get lots of time together now, that makes us all happy!! My job is going well, still enjoy my flexibility of working from home. I’m very excited about my launch party for Pure Romance next Thursday evening! I wake up everyday going through it in my head and making sure I have everything planned out. If you didn’t get an invite on Facebook and are interested in coming, just send me a message and I can add you to the event page. It’s going to be awesome!!

I’m loving life and I am just so blessed, changes can be good sometimes, even if they are scary!! Hope you all have a great day!

New venture

If you have been following along, you will see that I have hinted around to some changes coming to my life…well, they are here.

Before I divulge too much, let me give some background as to why I am now doing what I’m doing. I am a nurse. It was a calling for me to be that in my life. I love to help people, specifically women. I was in women’s health for six and a half years. I miss it, but it also now love my job working from home so I wouldn’t trade that. But…I needed to get out of the house and be around some people again. So……I am now a Pure Romance consultant. I am excited to be doing this and see it as an extension of my nursing, I want to empower, educate and entertain women. Plus it will be fun!!

If you aren’t interested in having a party or even coming to one, that’s fine. I can answer any questions or tell you about any of our products any way you want to contact me. I am discreet and non judgemental, and totally confidential.

I hope to hear from you soon!!

Random deep thinking

What kind of legacy and testimony are we leaving behind when we go? Will people remember us for how good and faithful we were or how we yielded to temptation and created strife? Life is hard, we were never promised it would be fair. We are not here for long at all, we should try to leave it a better place than when we got here.

I was not good in nursing school with behavioral health. I am not compassionate enough to understand those issues, I guess. I understand depression is real and hard to overcome, but I believe it’s a lot of times brought on people themselves by being under conviction from God over certain things in their life they have done and haven’t got forgiveness for. I also am becoming more and more convinced that certain medications out there for anxiety are brain changing substances that create addictions which just compounds the depression and at the same time, adding an addiction, or what I see as a crutch for people to use.

I believe medication alone is not a treatment for mental health. It takes counseling with a professional to get to the root of why the person feels they are depressed, anxious, hurt, rebellious, and addicted. Talking is powerful…this is why I blog, it makes me feel better, it’s one of my stress reliefs. The keyboard becomes my counselor and it’s like therapy to get things off of my chest and out of my head.

I am by no means even close to perfect, but I do feel that I can handle stress in my life and still be a happy person, even with alllllll of the stupid crap I have done in my past that if I wanted to ponder on it for the rest of my life, could make me depressed too. I have put that stuff under the blood and moved on. That is all we can do.

I lost a good friend yesterday, she had a lot of sad hard times in her life, but she always was smiling and sweet and everyone loved her. That is her legacy she left. This may seem like a bunch of totally different topics that I am writing about, but in my head and with a situation I am dealing with, it makes sense to me.

I guess the main things that are running through my head is this, suck it up, move on, live a good life that’s as pleasing to God as you can, enjoy your family, it’s really all you have and if you run them off you won’t have anything but heartache, get help if you need it, smile through the tears, and laugh often, get addicted to good things, always look for the positive even if it’s hard to find, and leave a legacy you, your family, and God will be proud of.

Dabbling in things…

I don’t know what makes me such a dreamer…but I am. I am always thinking of things I can do. I tell people that I dabble in photography. Now I also dabble in Avon. I am thinking of dabbling in another business as well, we shall see.

I have acquired many hobbies/things I love to do over the years, helping mamas learn to breast feed, read novels that make me think, research real estate, draw house plans, and of course take pictures.

Some things if want to get into doing are straw bale gardening, raising goats (Robert says no, I think he knows it would eventually end up being him doing the raising lol), making an app I have in mind, learn more about financing and investing, open a photography studio, and the doing other business I mentioned before.

I want to do the most I can in this short life I have left and I need to do it while I can. We are only here for a few minutes in the grand scheme of things and I want to take advantage of everything I can!!!