A little bit about me, because I know you have all been wondering…. I am a mother of one, trying to conceive, nurse, wife, teacher, and all around sweet person :-). I have a warped sense of humor and laugh more than most adult women probably should, but I’m happy and at the age now, I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. It’s wonderful. Looking back at things and how important that is for most of your early adult life, and then, to actually really not give two poops about anyone’s opinion, priceless!! I live in a little town, where I was born and raised. I work about 45 minutes from my home because all the jobs have went away here. I love my son fiercely, but I don’t think he does no wrong, he’s had his share of punishment and as an almost 12 year old, is a true joy to be around. He is homeschooled and is so smart, he makes me proud all the time. My husband and I are going to celebrate our first anniversary very soon. I have already gave him his gift because it was concert tickets and the band wouldn’t wait until February 11, to come play then. I’m excited to see what he gets me, he’s the most wonderful man when it comes to holidays and surprises. I come to expect big things, even if its just a little something. Little things always mean the most anyway!!


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