Cancer sucks!!

January 24 of last year was one of the worst days of my life. My mama had been having mammograms faithfully and begrudgingly every year (thank God). She had had a few incidents where she had to have repeats or follow up ultrasounds and they had all came back just as fibrous areas. This time it didn’t.

Her family doctors’ office wanted her to come in because they had the results. As we went to the doctor, I remember thinking it was probably just a cyst and she would need to have it removed or something simple, but at the same time a voice kept saying that this was not a good situation. Doctors don’t tell you to come to the office to tell you good news. Ever. I was scared and I can’t imagine how she felt. It felt like FOREVER before they called us back and then another eternity before Ginny the physician’s assistant came in. She didn’t mince words, but just said it. Cancer. I don’t know how I kept from screaming that she was a big fat liar and running out of there with my mama on my back. I felt helpless. I am was a control freak and I should be able to make this better. I remember Ginny telling me that this would be harder on me than mama because of the control issue. I don’t think that was true, but I knew what she meant. Mama then underwent more tests and procedures and it was determined that it was early and it was not the aggressive kind. Again, thank God.

She had to have two surgeries, the first one they didn’t get all of it so they had to go back in again less than two weeks later and dig out more. She then had 16 radiation “treatments” ( I think a treatment is something that should be enjoyed you know, a treat…anyway….) which burnt her skin really bad. She is now on oral meds to help prevent the cancer from coming back and is cancer free. It was such an awful experience and I absolutely HATE cancer. My heart goes out to anyone who has any dealings with this beast. There are so many much more worse cases than what mama had, and I’m so thankful she’s ok today, but we are blessed and learned a lot. Mainly, cancer sucks, but God is faithful.


One thought on “Cancer sucks!!

  1. Thank you for being with me thru it all. You will never know how much it meant to me. You are precious and I love you to the moon and back.
    Your, Cancer Free Mama

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