I am a list maker. It makes me feel good to have a list of things to do and then check them off when completed. Ahhhh, such satisfaction. Sometimes, like at work, my list is in my head. I have a good memory and know at such and such time I need to do such and such. Usually, I’m pretty good at remembering. I am finding though, as I get older (ugh) that I have a tendency to go to do something and forget what I’m doing. It kind of scares me and I think maybe I’m getting Alzheimer’s. Heck, I have decreased ovarian reserve, maybe I have decreased brain reserve too. Anyway, this is my list of things I want to accomplish before I die.

1. Be a new mommy again. When my son was born, I rushed everything and was totally neurotic over EVERYTHING. I just knew when he was a tiny baby that someone was going to pass him to another person and they didn’t hold his head just right, and it was going to pop completely off. I would really like to have another so I can enjoy it a bit more.

2. Travel. I love to go places. Anywhere, anytime and stay a long time. I just need to win the lottery to be able to do that, guess I need to make that on my list too then.

3. Watch my son become whatever he wants to be. I know this one can happen, his mind is fascinating and I know that he will be able to do whatever his heart desires. (Maybe, as long as it doesn’t involve math…) Homeschooling him is a breeze (except for math) and I love it.

This is kind of a short list, but I don’t ask for much :-). What all do you have on your list? Leave a comment and share your thoughts…


One thought on “Lists

  1. I don’t do lists so much…maybe thats why I forget so much stuff… but my desire is to see all my family healthy and to watch Colby grow up and become all the great things he says he wants to be. I know he will. I myself want to stay cancer free and be able to watch my grandson and any other grandchild 🙂 grow up and to be happy and content and I know God is the power behind all we do. I am thankful. I love you baby girl. You make me proud. ♥

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