Just a fun little rant…

Since when did it become acceptable to…

  • Wear pajamas anywhere in public at any time? I can understand in the middle of the night and your kid had been throwing up for hours and that kind of stuff, but I see it all the time, geez.
  • Ride in the left lane going less than the speed limit? Oh my lord, don't even get me started on this one!! Mild case of road rage that kicks in fast when I get behind someone doing this.
  • Let your kids scream all through Walmart? Just like Colby has told me In there before when he witnessed this travesty, “they wouldn't wanna be your kid, huh mama?” I can't stand it. Or letting your kids hit and scream at you??? Oh my, I better just move on to the next one.
  • Get all up in someone's space in the grocery store? If I'm looking at something on the shelf, don't get in front of me or especially right on top of me. People have no manners anymore!!

Ok, that's my vent for the evening. Just remember, comment on any post before midnight tonight and be entered in the drawing for the prize, I'll draw the winner tomorrow and announce it Tuesday.


5 thoughts on “Just a fun little rant…

  1. Hey now Gurl !!! Don’t be dissin’ my pj’s !!! lol…I love them..they are sooooo comfortable and the kind I have , you really can’t tell what they are !! On the other hand….I would like to choke the snot outta that baby mama that let it scream and make everyone around them miserable and oh yeah…..you come on little one and yell at me or act like you gonna hit me…..I’ll bring you a kids meal in the hospital while you’re in traction…IF you’re lucky !!!! hahahah…good rants !!!! lol 🙂

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