365 days, but light years away from the beginning


I had no intentions on getting married again. I had already failed before and didn't see the point in it. I just wanted to have someone to go out with from time to time because I didn't like to be alone so much.

I found him on an Internet dating site. I knew who he was from years earlier and had always thought he was just the cutest thing ever!! We started talking on the computer and the next night went to dinner. He was funny, flirty and a little bit…different. Time went on, there were a few ups and downs, but we got through them and on September 7, 2011 he proposed (which is a whole story in itself that I'll share one day) and five months later we eloped to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

I cannot imagine not being married to him now. He has come so far, but more importantly, so have I. He's taught me about myself, how to have patience, unconditional love, and is the total best at holidays and special occasions. He amazes me every day!! Happy 1st of many Anniversary lovie!!



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