Will it ever stop?

My mind is weird.

I really don’t think I have anything like ADD or ADHD, my brain just goes all the time. Anyone who talks with me at length can probably figure that out. I will be asking them about their family or job and they’ll answer and I’m listening to them, but at the same time, I’m thinking about something else then I may bring up something about their high school days that they don’t even remember. It’s kind of embarrassing sometimes. It’s my version of multi-tasking. I’m always thinking.

At night, if I just lie down in bed to go to sleep, I can’t stop thinking. Not worrying, just playing out everything in my head. That’s why I like to read or watch tv because then for just a little while….it stops and I go to sleep. I really envy my husband, when I ask him sometimes what he’s thinking and his reply is, “nothing,” he really means that!! Lucky, I wish I could do that for a little while.


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