Public service announcement!!

As you may know if you’ve been with me in the car or heard me talk about anything related to being in a car, I have mild road rage…ok, sometimes it’s more severe than others depending in how many 45 minute one way trips to work I have taken.

So, I am going to give a little lesson to anyone who drives a Mini Cooper or anything smaller than that as well (that makes me nervous just to think about it), if you are in a big rigs blind spot in the right lane and there are no cars in front of you or behind you, you may want to speed up or slow down accordingly. I saw a car almost get squished because they just kept riding the same speed and I know that truck could not have seen them.

The rig went about half way over before he must have caught a glimpse of the tiny car there and swerved back over into the left lane. The truck driver must have got mad because he sped up really quick then got over in front of the cooper then. I’m glad no one was hurt and I didn’t have to get out and make sure everyone was ok if there had been a wreck, but some people don’t use their heads when they drive. In the case of truck vs. Mini Cooper…I know which one I’d rather be in.


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