I am an educated person. I try to teach my son to pay attention and do what's right. I am guilty of not following my own advice sometimes…

Friday, I had to go take a drug test and have a background check for work at the college. Since I haven't actually worked there in a couple of years, it needed to be done again.

There is a place over beside the telephone company off of Main Street in a big old house on the upstairs level. As I was coming down Main Street the house was on the left and I could see there were no parking spaces in front, so I whipped into the open gate of the phone company's parking lot. (Do you see where this is going?) my rationale for doing this was a combination of things, 1) it's a weekday and there were other work vans and regular cars in the lot 2) I was only going to be in there a short while because I already had to pee and 3) there was no sign that said it was for the telephone company only (just the sign that said no trespassing, but I wasn't going to trespass, just park :-))

I went in to the drug screen place, did the deed, and was in there no more than 15 minutes.

I go out to leave and get to the parking lot and the gate is closed and appears to be padlocked. I was thinking at this time about how stupid I was for parking there in the first place. I walked over to the phone company then to go in and let someone know that I didn't follow the rules and I needed to get into their locked gate to get my car. That place was locked up like Fort Knox and not a soul in site.

I decided rather than stand out in the 34 degree weather, I would go back in to the screening place and see if this was a common occurrence for morons like me.

The lady that had done my test (was so nice!!) was in her office and I told her what had happened. We could see the parking lot and the gate from her office. She got the phone book out and tried to call what appeared to be a local number in the front of the phone book to try to speak with someone at that local office. She was put on hold for an eternity then someone got on the line they were in Missouri, then they transferred her to someone else….they were in Ohio. I was really kicking myself by this point!

The three other people in that office all got involved and were talking about how hateful those phone company people were and how they had called the police one time when someone parked on their yellow line and also how that gate is always open during the day and they bet someone saw me park there and closed it on purpose. Now I was getting nervous and thinking I was going to have to end up paying some stupid fine or getting a ticket or something.

There was a man in the screening place who came in and said he was going to see if he could help me, then he asked me if I had known I shouldn't have parked there. “Yes, I knew better,” I said like a petulant child.

He went out and after a few minutes I went out as well to wait by the gate so if he found someone I would be ready to run and jump in my car before they had me arrested or something!

A couple of minutes later than came the man with an employee (i don't have a clue where he found him) from the phone company. They were talking and I'm sure saying what a stupid woman I was and couldn't I read and didn't follow directions…anyway, the phone guy said the strap that holds the gate open must have come loose. He walked right over to the gate and gently pushed it. It wasn't locked. I felt so much more stupid then!!!

The moral of this story…the phone company stinks lol!!


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