Love is so unhealthy

I used to be fatter than I am now…


See? Yuck, I was frumpy and lazy and didn’t take care of myself. It disgusted me. I started going to watch Colby in karate and it looked like so much fun kicking things and hitting things…I wanted to do it too. (I’m a little violent apparently lol). So, I started taking it too in the adult class. In just a couple of months of going twice a week I could see a difference in my body. I hadn’t really changed what I was eating at the time either. I got to thinking, what if I went more than twice a week and started just eating a little different…

I found a different gym that I could go to as much as I wanted, I got into doing more mixed martial arts and grappling. I loved it!! I’d go four or five times a week and I had started eating just until I didn’t feel hungry anymore instead of eating until I was about to bust. It worked. In less than a year this is what happened…


But then… Robert came along. I wanted to spend time with him so I slacked off on working out. We ate out…a lot. We still were pretty active, we golfed a lot and were on the go, but still the weight crept back on. It’s been almost three years since I have regularly worked out and did any martial arts and I have gained back almost 20 pounds. I’m disgusted again.

It’s hard to get motivated to lose it now though because Robert likes me the way I am and is not at all turned off by my squishiness. The thought of grappling again makes me nervous though. I don’t really want to do that now, I wussed up some and I don’t want to have bruises all over me anymore. I liked kicking things though so I’m trying to find something like that to do. I want to be back like I was when I met Robert. I never will be a size four…Robert wouldn’t like that either, but a 10 would be nice.

Last week I started drinking 80-100 ounces of water everyday again, and trying to eat more sensibly, but I know the real bulk of weight loss comes from exercising and I have got to find something fun that doesn’t feel like exercise… Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Love is so unhealthy

  1. You can do it! You have to do it to stay healthy…don’t be like your “squishy” mama and have so many health problems. Love you oodles!

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