My best birthday

I have had many a birthday now. Most have been good days celebrated with family or such, but there’s one birthday that will always stick in my mind. My ninth one.

I am an only child and my papa spoiled me accordingly. I don’t think i was bratty and deserving, but had always been taught to be respectful and appreciative. He came into our dining room on my ninth birthday and handed me a card.

I remember opening the card, you know when you get a card you try to read it and not just see if there’s money in it. Try being nine and doing that! As I was trying to read it a bill slipped out onto the floor.

It was a $100 dollar bill. I had never even held one and this one was being given to me. I immediately burst into tears and asked if this was a joke or something. Papa was beaming. He said it wasn’t a joke and said, “happy birthday baby doll!” He wrapped me into one of his crushing hugs as I was still crying.

This was one of his favorite stories to tell as well because he loved to make me happy. I went nuts and me and my mama went shopping! I remember buying a couple of Atari games, but that’s all. I know there were others thing because I only came back home with a few dollars left in my pocket.

That was such a cool birthday gift for a child!

Thanks for always making me fee special Papa!!


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