I have mentioned before about this, but haven’t written on my blog about it. So I copied this from my Facebook notes from four days after the event happened. The big proposal!

So, Robert and I were at Hanes Mall a couple of weeks ago and I thought we were going to Sears to look at tools. As we walk by a jewelery store he says he wants to go look at necklaces. When we get into the store though, he goes over and says let’s look at the rings. I just kind of laughed and said sure. From there we went on to look at about 3 more jewelery stores and looking at engagement rings. He said it would be after the first of the year before he got one if he did, but he just wanted to get an idea of what I liked. As we were getting ready to leave the mall we made a pit stop and I went into the restroom first, then he went so I could hold our drink and his cookie. I was sitting on a bench and realized that we didn’t have our JCPenney bag with our sheets he had bought. When he came out I told him I thought he left the in Kay jewelery so I sat there waiting while he went to get it. When he FINALLY came back I was picking at him and told him that he went and bought the ring I wanted. He said no, not yet and we went on home. Fast forward to the beach trip Wednesday, September 7, that evening after dinner we went back to the room. He was acting odd…even for Robert lol. I knew he had been working on a surprise for me but didn’t have a clue what it was. I had stepped out onto the balcony to paint my toenails and he wanted me to come back in for a few minutes before I did that. As I stepped back into the room I heard the song playing that he always sings to me and we dance, but it was coming from the laptop. I was so flattered and we danced and then another song came on that he had picked out, The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. We danced and talked through that song as well. Then a song came on that we had heard last week called Let’s Get Married by Jagged Edge. When we heard it for the first time last week we laughed about the lyrics and while we were dancing he told me that next year if he asked me that that would be the song he would play so if I ever hear that again just know that’s what’s happening. i laughed and said ok baby. Then he said do you know how much i love you. I said, yeah, I do. He said, no, I don’t think you do and backed up and dropped down on one knee and pulled out the box and opened it and the ring from Kay’s was in there and he said, I love you with all of my heart and I want you to be my wife and marry me, as he said this tears were falling from his big beautiful eyes and my heart melted and I knelt down with him and we just stayed that way crying and hugging for a few minutes and I said yes I will marry you. It was amazing and I was soooo blown away and how much he poured out his heart to me. He had planned on asking me on our cruise in October, but he said he just couldn’t wait. I am the luckiest girl in the world and I cannot wait to be his wife!!!

We eloped five months later in Gatlinburg, TN in a cabin by an old little preacher who told us to always hold hands. Life is wonderful!!


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