Passing judgement?

The opinions expressed in this blog are mine, if you don’t like them, don’t read it.

I know some people in my life who need help, serious God alone interventions, to get them out of the bondage they are in. I have also been at places in my life where I needed the same thing and got it. I remember though, during the storms of life, if anyone said anything about what I was doing, I took offense to it.

Usually if people accuse someone of “judging” them it is because the person is concerned and cares about them or their children or their future. I see people all the time saying things on Facebook or hear them talking about someone judging them and I really want to say that that person just really probably cares about them and their family.

I’m glad someone said things to me in my dark days. At the time it may have made me mad, but it also planted a seed in my head and helped me get closer to where I needed to be, because I will never be perfect.

So don’t be too quick to say someone is judging you, look at your life and see if you can see why they are concerned.


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