Another option

This road to having a baby is filled with potholes. Anyone who has ever struggled with infertility knows this. I have dealt with it over the course of my life for a total of about 15 years. I was blessed to have one and I am so thankful for him!! As most all women do though, I have the desire for another one.

We are still planning on trying to conceive our own, but the funds and time runs thin very fast. We are looking into other options as a back up plan because those types of things can take a long time as well. We know God is in control of this situation and we just keep waiting to see what happens.

We start MAPP classes probably April 25, they last for 10 weeks. They will also do a home study and interview us. Anyone can have a baby, but for us to be determined fit parents they do all this investigation and I get that to a certain point. I guess because of my profession and the neglect and abuse I see in just the first few days of life and within the family interactions, it just rubs me the wrong way….but, gonna keep doing what we do and praying for a miracle, however that happens 🙂


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