And it creeps in…

I’m trying my hardest to not let it, but it is….

Everyday I come to work, it gets worse….

Lord, help me to not smart off to the extra young teenage girl who looks at me as though I’m stupid and shrugs in the most “who cares” attitude when I ask her when she fed the baby last…

Help me to realize there’s a bigger plan and keep the bitterness away….




Have you ever known someone that complains about EVERYTHING??

You almost become afraid to ask how they are, because you know they are going to tell you.

Everyone has something they can complain about, but there are so many more people who have way worse things and never say a word. Those are the kind of people that we should strive to be. I’m guilty as well, we all are, but I pray that I can become one of the strong silent types.

I’m just blessed to be alive, healthy, happy, well-fed (a little too much of that), have a wonderful husband and son, wonderful family, awesome friends, an amazing career, a nice home, extra after the bills are paid to play a little golf, and most of all….salvation that didn’t cost me a thing.

I pray The Lord helps me to be mindful of that and when I feel like I want to complain, brings these things to my memory.

Y’all have a fabulous Friday!!

Let sleeping dogs lie?

Sleep is a funny thing. We put our head on our pillows and close your eyes and drift off into a subconscious dreamland. For some of us that’s harder to achieve than others. I used to have insomnia. Not so much now. Once I go to sleep I’m a pretty hard sleeper.

This morning I was alone in the house. I had my pillow turned length wise on the bed like I do when Robert’s working so I can at least feel like he’s there (yeah, I’m weird like that).

So, in my slumber I hear a faint tap tap tap noise which almost rouses me, but not quite. Then another tap tap tap. I woke up then because I thought Robert had gotten home without my hearing the car come down the driveway and was standing at the door knocking. I jump up out of bed at glance at the clock. It was only 6:30. So then I thought he had come home early or that Colby had come home super early. I didn’t know what was going on.

I unlocked the back door and opened it. No one there. I went to the front and unlocked and opened it. No one there either. I then thought I must be loosing my mind.

I went on back to bed and laid down. A few minutes later I heard tap tap tap again. I then realized what it was. Our little dog Dezi sleeps in a clothes basket in our bathroom. Most of the time you don’t know she’s around, but the pollen must be doing something to her too, she was kinda snoring and it made that noise.

At least I know I’m not going crazy…well, maybe 🙂

Open book

I’m not an extremely private person. If you want to know something about me all you have to do usually is ask. There is something though that I have become a bit touchy about….Don’t ask me if I’m pregnant. Like I said, I’m not very private so when I do become that way, you will probably know. If I was a private person and you ask me that, I wouldn’t tell you anyway, so don’t ask. To people struggling with infertility, it makes us ill, even if you do mean well.

Anyway, I preface with that to say….

Some life changing events are going to take place soon (and no, we are not adopting yet either lol) and I’m sooooo excited about them. I can’t go into detail yet, so we are just waiting. Hopefully next week I can divulge some information, but for now, I still desire some prayers….

Drumroll please

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Thanks for playing everyone!!

Honey pies and ice cream

Warning…rather long post today 🙂

In our young married couples Sunday school class, we are reading a book called Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. I read aloud the first chapter last night and Robert and I talked some about how things are different now in our relationship than the beginning. Lots of differences.

Before we began our reading though, he had mentioned that he wanted a couple of “honey pies” (just waffles with peanut butter and honey on them, but that’s what he calls them). He had slept all afternoon and I’m sure he was hungry and getting ready to go to work at 11.

Well, my mind is crazy right now with some changes going on in life and I totally forgot that he was hungry and didn’t fix him honey pies after I finished reading. He didn’t remind me and so about 10:25 as he was getting his shoes on to leave he said, “you know what I really enjoyed? Those honey pies…”

I felt like dirt.

I’m such a pleaser and I had failed as a wife. He was just joking and picking with me, but it still bothered me.

On his way to work he called to tell me again to not fret over it and that he just wanted to give me a hard time. He then brought up a story of another time I had forgotten something he wanted and how it was used to help another couple we know…

We had been to Winston one day and on our way home, Robert mentioned he would like some McDonald’s ice cream (the boy has an insatiable sweet tooth!!). Well, I drove past Rural Hall exit and he said, “that ice cream is good.” (The boy is a smart-butt too lol) So I told him I would stop by the King exit and get him some. Well, in the 10 minutes it took to get there we had been talking and I totally went right past that exit as well. Then I remembered it and that I didn’t stop and promised to stop at Pilot Mountain.

When we pulled into the driveway at home 45 minutes after we left Winston, guess what I had not done…. I didn’t stop. We have three McDonald’s in Mount Airy as well that I could have went to, but I just didn’t think.

A few days after that, a good friend of mine was talking to me about her at the time boyfriend, which is now her husband. She was saying how she didn’t know if he cared about her sometimes because they had went out to eat and afterwards she told him she really wanted some frozen yogurt. They were talking in the car and got all the way to the house and he had not stopped to get her any. She felt forgotten and that he didn’t care. As soon as she said it, I told her about the ice cream incident and how it surely didn’t mean that I didn’t care about Robert and that I wouldn’t have done anything to please him. Just that sometimes we have too much going on in our heads and can’t do it all.

In my “deepest soul” (from the book we are reading) I never want to make Robert feel disrespected, but I feel like I do sometimes. Like when I forget he wants honey pies and ice cream….thank God he loves me anyway!

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We’ll see…

I have been doing a lot of self reflecting lately. I’m not sure why. I feel nostalgic and sentimental. Looking back over my life, I’m proud of myself for going to nursing school and having a toddler and doing it without it consuming my life. I thank God that I didn’t have to study every waking moment like some people did. I have made so many mistakes and wrong turns in life, but I don’t really have regrets because I learned something from them. I feel like I am a good mother, nurse, and wife and really do have a kind heart under my sarcastic exterior. My future could be changing soon, and I’m kind of scared and very much excited about the prospect of it. Time will tell…

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