Common sense is not so common

I could write a bazillion stories on this subject, but I will just write one for now…

A little background for anyone who doesn’t know, I live within throwing distance of my parents, we even share a driveway. Yesterday, we had laid down for a nap. I wasn’t very sleepy so I was playing that stupid game candy crush on my iPad while Robert was snoozing.

After about an hour I was drowsy so I put the iPad down and just had fell off to sleep for about 5.7 seconds, then I hear a horn. Beep beep! Not very loud so I knew it wasn’t here at my house.

I closed my eyes again then another beep beep beep. I got up to look out the window and I could see the mail lady sitting in mama and daddy’s driveway. I knew they weren’t there so I went to my front door and yelled that they were not home. I knew she probably didn’t hear me because its not THAT close so I started getting my shoes on to run up there then she blows again. I’m thinking, geez lady, evidently they are not coming to the door and I wondered just how long she would sit there blowing.

So by then I’m jogging up the driveway and about half way there, I can hear their dog Chloe barking like a mad dog in their house and then she blows the horn AGAIN!! That’s four horn blows and their dog is going nuts and I’m a little perturbed at this point. I thought, if they are in there and she thinks they are asleep and not waking up for all of that commotion, she may want to call 911.

When I get up there, she is sitting in the car with her leg out of the passenger side door and she didn’t see me coming up there and I get about halfway in front of her car as she is looking up at their back door like she’s expecting them to magically appear and I yell (probably a little louder than was needed, “they’re not home!!!” She jumps like she had been shot and I kinda giggled a little inside.

Mind you, this had all taken place over about 3 minutes. She said, “they have to sign for this.” Well I don’t know if she thought her horn would make them be home instantly or what, but I thought, just use a little common sense. So I signed for the package and she went on her way. Some people…


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