Have you ever known someone that complains about EVERYTHING??

You almost become afraid to ask how they are, because you know they are going to tell you.

Everyone has something they can complain about, but there are so many more people who have way worse things and never say a word. Those are the kind of people that we should strive to be. I’m guilty as well, we all are, but I pray that I can become one of the strong silent types.

I’m just blessed to be alive, healthy, happy, well-fed (a little too much of that), have a wonderful husband and son, wonderful family, awesome friends, an amazing career, a nice home, extra after the bills are paid to play a little golf, and most of all….salvation that didn’t cost me a thing.

I pray The Lord helps me to be mindful of that and when I feel like I want to complain, brings these things to my memory.

Y’all have a fabulous Friday!!


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