A tiny rant

I have started doing something I didn’t used to do…looking at the local news app on my iPad. I’m gonna stop again. I can’t take it. A six month old, shot and killed, a newborn baby boy flushed down the toilet and people urging the mother to come forward so she can have her baby…yeah, I’d like to urge her to come forward too, but for very different reasons. As I head to Winston tomorrow for an ultrasound to see if the clomid has helped me grow more follicles that could turn into eggs, help me pray for these people who are so twisted in this world, it’s a good thing I’m not the one who will divvy out punishment.


Marriage help

I have commented about this before, but I really want to stress just how much I love the book we are reading for our Sunday school class. It’s called Love and Respect. Every couple needs to read this together, even if you have a great relationship like Robert and I do. You can never go wrong when you add more strength to your marriage.

Jerry Springer…the bane of society?

Yeah, I know that may sound kind of stupid, but I fully believe the media has caused so many problems in society today. They take a serious matter and turn it into something that is amusing or riveting. Sixteen and pregnant? Maury? Some new chick that’s about as stupid. They all just make a mockery out of morals and values. Kids watch these kinds of programs and think it is normal to not know the father of their child, and your boyfriends cheats with your sister. Come on people.

Lord help us…

TMI… (Not really, but it’s a cute title)

There is a lot of things going on so here’s the down and dirty to catch you up…

Working my first of three in a row today, then off for 15, then back for three more so my last day is June 8th.

During the 15 off we have IUI planned, last minute beach trip for a few days, cleaning and organizing my house and finishing up Colbys’ sixth grade year.

I have been working on pictures and lusting after a new camera…maybe this summer I can get it.

Thinking about using my daddy’s shop as a studio as well, I really love my hobby 🙂

I miss church, I haven’t been in three weeks now.

Lots of daydreaming and planning about my new life-changing job….God is so good. Finances are going to be healed.

Still going to miss some of my friends so much and I’m sure I’m going to cry like a baby when it comes time to be done. I have had some wonderful patients lately too, so that makes it a little hard too.

I am still wishing my mama and daddy could get good news for a change. Daddy wants a job so bad!

My husband has been working so much overtime and I miss him, but he does it all for us and I’m so blessed to have him.

I think that’s the highlights for now…if you are reading this, I appreciate you and your prayers!!!

You hid what?!?

I was talking to one of my friends the other day and this memory came to my mind….

When I was little, I was papas’ girl. I remember crying after him at the bowling alley a few times if mama and daddy didn’t let me leave and stay with him. He spoiled me and showed me off to everyone. When he had the stroke last June, it seems like all my other memories just kind of were forgotten so I’m glad when something different pops into my head to remind me how he really was.

After Colby was born papa asked us to move in with him because he had just gotten his CDL (at 67 years old!!) and was going to be running west coast. It was a win win situation for us. He was gone most of the time so it worked well…most of the time.

You never really know someone though until you live with them. Papa had a bottle of mouthwash sitting on the bathroom counter forever. The dentist had given it to him, but I never saw the volume go down so I didn’t think he used it very often, so one day when I was cleaning I put it under the sink in the cabinet. Not too far, just right as you open it on the edge of the cabinet.

Fast forward a couple of days and he gets home from a run. I get out of nursing school and go to mamas to get Colby and she asks if I had been home yet. I said, “no, why”? She told me that papa had hid my hair dryer because he thought I hid his mouthwash. Really?!?

I went home and he wasn’t there and sure enough I found my hair dryer where mama said it would be. I was livid. I proceeded to write him a nasty little note and told him I wished we could move and all this other hurtful stuff that I now regret, but it is what it is, and I left it where he would find it. We then went out to eat and run errands and get out so I wouldn’t be there when he got home.

That evening when we returned, he met me at the back door with tears in his eyes and said, “I’m sorry baby doll!”

We talked about it and I asked him if he even looked for it and he dropped his head and said so sadly, “no.”

There were some interesting times in that seven years we lived together. I still loved him tremendously, but sometimes I wanted to strangle him too. I tried to always tell him if I moved something after that and he never hid my hair dryer again.

A tribute to my mommy

My mama and daddy dated four years in high school, two weeks after graduation got married, nine moths later here I came :-). I had the privilege to grow up with them, and I am so glad that even though they were so young they didn’t let me be a brat.

My mama and I got along pretty good until I was about 12 then as most teenagers and the parents do, we clashed and argued and of course, I knew more than her. It’s a wonder she didn’t kill me.

As I became a woman, she became my friend again. I have hurt, probably shamed, disrespected and been nasty to her and yet she has never stopped loving me or supporting me in any and everything I have endeavored to do.

Last year sitting in that doctors office listening to them tell her she had cancer, I thought what in the world would I ever do without her. Thank God He chose to not make me find out. She is stronger than I ever thought she could be and she loves God and I’m so blessed to call her mine!!