Just a thought

Sometimes I really wonder just how much longer we can be on this earth. What’s it coming to? People’s views about things are lacking common sense so bad and I find it ridiculous. People hurting and killing innocent children who trust them, people maliciously hurting other people that they don’t even know, people living off handouts from the government like it’s an entitlement or a way of life instead of using it for help in hard times. It’s just plain old bad in my opinion.

I don’t like the news, it glorifies all the bad in the world and I have thought several times lately about deleting my Facebook just so I don’t become so sensitized to all the negativity, but I like being able to keep up with the people in my world. So most of the time I just scroll fast until I see something positive or funny. It’s not that in trying to bury my head on the sand, it’s just that stuff can make you depressed if you soak it all in.

Live in today and be happy for your blessings and keep praying for all the wickedness that goes on. It will still be there without us having to dwell on it.


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