The one I’ve been wanting to write

No…I’m not pregnant lol

I have a new job!! I interviewed in April and have been waiting for them to have a few more positions open up for me. I will be leaving mother/baby and going to work for United Healthgroup in Greensboro. It’s a great opportunity for us as a family and I’m so excited!!!! I feel like mother/baby is a hard place for me to be right now with my infertility issues and I don’t want to become a cold nurse.

I’m going to miss my friends very much, but I hope we can stay in touch. Thank goodness for Facebook 😀!!!


6 thoughts on “The one I’ve been wanting to write

  1. This made me cry…so happy for you baby girl. God bless you on your new journey. Love you to moon and back!

  2. Hey Kissy…Your Mom sent me your blog so she could share the good news. I am so proud of you! You have accomplished so much in your life and I NEVER dreamed you would be as smart as you are. LOL!! Congrats!!!!
    Love you bunches….Aunt Joy

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