A tribute to my mommy

My mama and daddy dated four years in high school, two weeks after graduation got married, nine moths later here I came :-). I had the privilege to grow up with them, and I am so glad that even though they were so young they didn’t let me be a brat.

My mama and I got along pretty good until I was about 12 then as most teenagers and the parents do, we clashed and argued and of course, I knew more than her. It’s a wonder she didn’t kill me.

As I became a woman, she became my friend again. I have hurt, probably shamed, disrespected and been nasty to her and yet she has never stopped loving me or supporting me in any and everything I have endeavored to do.

Last year sitting in that doctors office listening to them tell her she had cancer, I thought what in the world would I ever do without her. Thank God He chose to not make me find out. She is stronger than I ever thought she could be and she loves God and I’m so blessed to call her mine!!


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