You hid what?!?

I was talking to one of my friends the other day and this memory came to my mind….

When I was little, I was papas’ girl. I remember crying after him at the bowling alley a few times if mama and daddy didn’t let me leave and stay with him. He spoiled me and showed me off to everyone. When he had the stroke last June, it seems like all my other memories just kind of were forgotten so I’m glad when something different pops into my head to remind me how he really was.

After Colby was born papa asked us to move in with him because he had just gotten his CDL (at 67 years old!!) and was going to be running west coast. It was a win win situation for us. He was gone most of the time so it worked well…most of the time.

You never really know someone though until you live with them. Papa had a bottle of mouthwash sitting on the bathroom counter forever. The dentist had given it to him, but I never saw the volume go down so I didn’t think he used it very often, so one day when I was cleaning I put it under the sink in the cabinet. Not too far, just right as you open it on the edge of the cabinet.

Fast forward a couple of days and he gets home from a run. I get out of nursing school and go to mamas to get Colby and she asks if I had been home yet. I said, “no, why”? She told me that papa had hid my hair dryer because he thought I hid his mouthwash. Really?!?

I went home and he wasn’t there and sure enough I found my hair dryer where mama said it would be. I was livid. I proceeded to write him a nasty little note and told him I wished we could move and all this other hurtful stuff that I now regret, but it is what it is, and I left it where he would find it. We then went out to eat and run errands and get out so I wouldn’t be there when he got home.

That evening when we returned, he met me at the back door with tears in his eyes and said, “I’m sorry baby doll!”

We talked about it and I asked him if he even looked for it and he dropped his head and said so sadly, “no.”

There were some interesting times in that seven years we lived together. I still loved him tremendously, but sometimes I wanted to strangle him too. I tried to always tell him if I moved something after that and he never hid my hair dryer again.


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