TMI… (Not really, but it’s a cute title)

There is a lot of things going on so here’s the down and dirty to catch you up…

Working my first of three in a row today, then off for 15, then back for three more so my last day is June 8th.

During the 15 off we have IUI planned, last minute beach trip for a few days, cleaning and organizing my house and finishing up Colbys’ sixth grade year.

I have been working on pictures and lusting after a new camera…maybe this summer I can get it.

Thinking about using my daddy’s shop as a studio as well, I really love my hobby 🙂

I miss church, I haven’t been in three weeks now.

Lots of daydreaming and planning about my new life-changing job….God is so good. Finances are going to be healed.

Still going to miss some of my friends so much and I’m sure I’m going to cry like a baby when it comes time to be done. I have had some wonderful patients lately too, so that makes it a little hard too.

I am still wishing my mama and daddy could get good news for a change. Daddy wants a job so bad!

My husband has been working so much overtime and I miss him, but he does it all for us and I’m so blessed to have him.

I think that’s the highlights for now…if you are reading this, I appreciate you and your prayers!!!


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