Jerry Springer…the bane of society?

Yeah, I know that may sound kind of stupid, but I fully believe the media has caused so many problems in society today. They take a serious matter and turn it into something that is amusing or riveting. Sixteen and pregnant? Maury? Some new chick that’s about as stupid. They all just make a mockery out of morals and values. Kids watch these kinds of programs and think it is normal to not know the father of their child, and your boyfriends cheats with your sister. Come on people.

Lord help us…


One thought on “Jerry Springer…the bane of society?

  1. Amen sister!!! I can’t believe the people who watch such crap!! And ya know the majority of our patients are watching it when you go in their room!!! 16 and pregnant really gripes me…..these shows romanticize teenage pregnancy, unfaithful relationships, STUPIDITY!!! The other day my patient’s fob had his 11 month old baby at the hospital with him… his other baby mama!!!! PITIFUL!!!!!!

    Ok…stepping off my soapbox!! 🙂

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