I feel like a cow

Yes, I said I feel like a cow. There’s been another time I have said that in my life too. When Colby was a tiny baby and I was using a breast pump. I uttered those words several times. I feel that way today because yesterday was a new experience. One I hope to not get used to. We did intrauterine insemination. I took clomid this month and had to give myself another shot Wednesday (which I made Robert watch me do so he will know what all this entails for me :-)). I won’t go into a lot of details about the whole process, but it was amusing. I asked Robert if he thought when this doctor went to parties and people asks what he does, if he tells them he gets women pregnant lol. Anyway, I grew up in the country and so I can now relate to cows much better.

Off to the beach this morning, y’all be safe!!


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