Some updates…

I have been a busy girl 🙂

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job, I never dreamed something like this existed for nurses and I am so thankful!!! My new job is almost an hour and half away from home so I am staying some with my great aunt in High Point. I feel like a country mouse in the city commuting back and forth between two big cities, but I’m really liking the whole experience. It feels like an adventure, but I also miss my baby and my lovie who is actually down in Pinehurst playing golf with some buddies. We will al be back under the same roof tomorrow evening and I’m so excited!!

Remember my dad and one of my very best friends, as they are trying to find a job. It hurts my heart at all the hard times people are going through. We just have to praise Him in the storms….

Our attempt at IUI wasn’t successful. I cried, Robert was sooooo sweet it made me cry harder (in a good way) but it still stinks that we aren’t pregnant yet. Now, we probably need to wait a couple of months before we actively try again so I will have FMLA by the time a baby would get here, but I don’t see me really doing that. I will still count days and time things right 😉

I think that’s the highlights of my life right now, thanks for stopping by!!


5 thoughts on “Some updates…

  1. Christy, I’m so sorry to hear that your IUI was unsuccessful! I will continue praying for future baby Tate (and for you and Robert)!

  2. Be praying for you guys. It’ll all work out, but it’ll be in God’s time. I’m so glad that you like your new job. Everything is going to work out, we will continue to pray.

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