There have been lots of incidents in my life that I could have let affect who I was as a person…I could have turned bitter or angry or mean or even crazy (and I may be those ways at times, but in general not as a person).

I see a lot of people who let their circumstances define who they are as a person. They have something terrible that has happened to them or a loved one and they can’t overcome it. It changes them. I try my best to live my life for the positives and not the negatives. I have also tried to teach my son that as well. When his daddy and I separated I told him to not be a “victim” but to think about the positives and how instead of two parents, he now has four people in his life that love him and have his best interest at heart. He’s turning out pretty good so far.

I also think if people who let the negatives define them, they become miserable people and they are the ones who you really dread asking how they are, because they are going to tell you.

Define yourself in a positive way and live a happier life, no matter what anyone thinks of you or how someone else may think you are supposed to react to situations, you are the one who has to live your own life!! Be happy…life’s too short to not be.


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