Technology stinks sometimes

Last weekend Robert and I drove out to North Wilkesboro. I had told him I didn’t want to use the GPS, who is affectionately known as Gloria and has been for years since I got her. I wanted to just use road signs and explore. Once we got on 421 I saw signs for the winery out there, Rafaldini. I had been wanting to go out there and take some pictures. I turned off on that exit and saw a sign that pointed the way. We kept going and we were talking and laughing. It felt like we had been going longer than the 3.7 miles the sign had said it was. When we got to Jonesville, I knew we had missed a turn. On the way we had passed a skydive place (I’m NOT doing that) and Robert wanted to stop and check it out. We talked to a girl in there and she gave him all the details about it…I’m still not doing it. While we were in there I saw a brochure for the winery we were trying to find. I asked the girl where it was and she said its back that way, pointing to the way we had originally came from. We had missed the turn. Back on the road again (we will be going back to the skydiving place one of these days, but not fir me) we drove some more. I never saw any signs for it though and we ended up back on the road that takes you back to 421. I said let’s just forget it and go on to North Wilkesboro. Robert said no let’s just get out Gloria and see where to go. So I am pulled over on the side of the road under an overpass and we wait for her to warm up…and wait….and wait. I finally have no patience left because I barely have any to start with. So I start driving again so she can get a satellite signal. By this time Robert has looked it up on his phone and starts telling me which way to go. We had originally missed the road because we were talking and I was looking at a pretty old barn and thinking what a pretty picture it would be. So as we turn into the driveway, Gloria then pipes up from the floorboard….”you have reached your destination.” Thanks Gloria, you were such a help!!! We died laughing and I had to talk Robert out of throwing her out the window. We got there at 10:30 and they don’t open until 11, but the gate was open and I just wanted pictures outside anyway so we probably were trespassing, but no one said anything and there were some cars there. Anyway, it was worth it to get these….

Robert had a spit bubble in the side of his mouth LOL…I was going to edit it out, but I think it’s cute 🙂




I love my new camera!!!


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