The majority

Someone asked me the other day if I missed the hands on part of nursing….no, I do not!!! I loved being a hands on nurse sometimes, but anymore, the patients you get in the hospital were rude, ungrateful, look at you as a bother and just plain ole pain in the butts. Not always, but the majority of the time. Whiney, selfish people who think they are the only people in the world so of course they think they are your only patient. No, I don’t miss it. I am taking care of the elderly patient population who were taught manners and to appreciate help and something someone does for them. My majority now are sweet and see what I do as a help to them and tell me before we hang up, “God bless you.” I feel more like a nurse now and get a better sense of accomplishment and appreciation then I ever did my whole career in a hospital. America is in such a sad state right now, and it’s only going to get worse.


Air head

Ya know, I like to think I’m pretty smart about some things. I don’t know everything, but I do know a little bit about a lot of things. But….(yes, I know you’re not supposed to start a sentence with but) I am dingy sometimes.

I was thinking about the last time Robert and I did out IUI procedure. I was laying on the 2 foot by 3 foot comfy little table, in a room that wasn’t much bigger than that, the doctor had told me to just lie there for a few minutes and left us alone to wait. I am not one for patience or lying still, flat on my back on the matchbox they call a table.

After about 57 minutes (really it was probably 6) I told Robert to help me sit up I was done, he said, “no, just lay there a few more minutes.”

My reply?


Robert, in his typical sarcastic Robert way said, “nah, that girl laying over there in the floor…”

I really don’t know what I was thinking, why I would even question to whom he was talking since it was just us two in there. We had a great laugh over it and hopefully when we do the procedure this time I won’t think back to that in front of our doctor mid procedure and get on one of my famous laughing fits.

Wonder if you can get kicked out of a reproductive endocrinologists office….

Baby journey

I haven’t given much of an update lately on this journey, mainly because there’s nothing much new to say. We didn’t do IUI since I started my new job because of the timing, if I were to get pregnant, I want to be there a year so I get FMLA. I’m coming up on being there two and half months and the way it’s going to work out I should be there three months about the time we will do IUI this month. So, that’s the plan, have that procedure done a couple, maybe three times before the end of the year. Also, we are going to take the MAPP classes starting at then end of the month just in case we want to look into adopting. If anyone knows anyone who needs a loving couple for their baby, tell them about us. I’m kidding…well, unless you do :-). I’m still ok with whatever God’s plan for us is. I enjoy my husband and my son and I’m not bitter towards people who are pregnant (unless I know they aren’t going to take care of it) so life is happy and I try to not dwell on the negatives.

Gearing up

Yesterday we took a very fun family day trip. We went to Boone and Linville Caverns, that was cool…literally. Robert and I had on flip flops and its wet in there. And cold. And kinda spooky, especially when they turned off all the lights and it was pitch black.

The coolest thing about it though is that I’m counting that as our first day of school that’s one of the joys of homeschooling. We have to do 180 days says the state of North Carolina so that was one 😀.

We are planning our “official” start day as September 16th. I probably won’t be working from home full time yet, but I have made arrangements to for those first two days. That way I will at least be there to get him going in the right direction how our days are going to work out when I am there full time. Then hopefully, it won’t be too much longer after that and I can be there everyday. I love my job God had blessed me with.

I am so excited about this year, I have a structured curriculum that I feel is going to be challenging and fun. He admitted today that he’s kind of excited too. He is going to be busy, that’s for sure. I bought a lot of art supplies last week so I think that’s part of what he is excited. Whatever it takes lol.

Thanks for stopping by!!


I do grumble sometimes, so I’d like to make this post positive….

Here is a list of things I am grateful for this morning.

My son, he is such a blessing and a joy to be around. I am enjoying the young man he is turning into even though it hurts my feelings he’s grown up so fast.

My husband, he makes me laugh when I’m mad, smile when I’m sad and sometimes when I’m happy he makes me ill lol, but we were so meant to be together and I love him unconditionally and love to see how close we have grown over the years.

My parents, they have always been my rock all my life and I am so glad things have gotten a little easier for them recently.

My church, I love the people in it and the Spirit that’s there and the guidance of the leaders.

My Aunt Lou and Uncle Bill, they have opened their home to me and are so gracious. I hope to be as poised and sweet when I am their age, they are my heroes.

Coffee, it helps me get going on these mornings when I’m getting up at 5:00am. Also, knowing I’m not going to have to do that very much longer.

This blog, even though it has taken a back seat right now, I love to write out my feelings, even if it does make people mad sometimes. At least it gets you thinking!

I am also grateful for the ones who read my blubbering, thanks for being my audience.

Hope you all have a grateful day, I could add so many more things to this list, but I have to get ready for work now. Go make yourself a list and see how many blessing you can count, it may surprise you….