I do grumble sometimes, so I’d like to make this post positive….

Here is a list of things I am grateful for this morning.

My son, he is such a blessing and a joy to be around. I am enjoying the young man he is turning into even though it hurts my feelings he’s grown up so fast.

My husband, he makes me laugh when I’m mad, smile when I’m sad and sometimes when I’m happy he makes me ill lol, but we were so meant to be together and I love him unconditionally and love to see how close we have grown over the years.

My parents, they have always been my rock all my life and I am so glad things have gotten a little easier for them recently.

My church, I love the people in it and the Spirit that’s there and the guidance of the leaders.

My Aunt Lou and Uncle Bill, they have opened their home to me and are so gracious. I hope to be as poised and sweet when I am their age, they are my heroes.

Coffee, it helps me get going on these mornings when I’m getting up at 5:00am. Also, knowing I’m not going to have to do that very much longer.

This blog, even though it has taken a back seat right now, I love to write out my feelings, even if it does make people mad sometimes. At least it gets you thinking!

I am also grateful for the ones who read my blubbering, thanks for being my audience.

Hope you all have a grateful day, I could add so many more things to this list, but I have to get ready for work now. Go make yourself a list and see how many blessing you can count, it may surprise you….


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