This post is coming to you live from Myrtle Beach!! Since Robert and I have been together we have been to the beach every September. I mentioned about a week ago that I was going to miss our tradition. Well, with a little prep work and extra school work for Colby and extra phone calls made by me, and some helpful wonderful coworkers, here we are.

We asked mama and daddy to go with us and I’m so glad we did, we are having a blast!!! We went to Pirate’s Voyage last night. Amazing!! We then came back to our awesome condo and played scattergories and I had bought one of those mad lib books for Colby yesterday where you insert adjectives and nouns and such into slots then read the (hilarious) story. We all would go around the room and give the type of word and then whoever was writing the words would read back the finished story. We all laughed so hard at those!

This evening we are going to go out and take some family pictures along the beach. I hope it’s not too windy. Loving my life and my family, I am so blessed!!!


Good things

You probably get tired of hearing how blessed I am. Well, guess what, I am not tired of telling you 🙂

I am still in amazement at my job. I am getting to work from home all the time now casually, which means I still have pictures up at my cubicle so I “live” there, but all my technology is at my house. I love it. I sit and talk to my members on the phone while looking out at the squirrels and lizards, and hummingbirds in my yard. I can take a nap on my lunch break or go to the mailbox. Homeschool is great, we can discuss things on my breaks and during lunch. I don’t think I will ever get over just how blessed I am to have gotten this job.

Anyway, enough about that so people at my old job won’t think I’m trying to “rub it in their faces” like I heard when I went for a visit not too long ago lol. No one chained me to the hospital so I’m thinking they aren’t either, just sayin….

Another thing I am so blessed in is my husband. I know, you probably are tired of hearing that too. Oh well, see above statement :-).

A few weeks ago we had a date night. I had came up with the idea (well, Pinterest helped) to make personalized mugs even though Robert doesn’t drink anything out of one, I thought it would be fun. I figured he would do it just to humor me, but he ended up putting his heart into and it has become one of my favorite material things. Here it is…



I thought it was the most precious thing ever. I love him more and more every day!!

Wishing you all as many blessings as I have, have a wonderful day!!!


I will…

Stop eating because my kitchen is right next to my makeshift office….

Go for a walk on my lunch break instead of out to eat….

Makes plans and stick with them to go to to karate tomorrow….

Get to have a massage 😀…

Keep loving my wonderful, amazing life!!!!!


Sept 13th of last year was the day my papa passed away. The two days that followed were a blur and I was in a blur and thank God my husband and family helped get me through. I remember making the funeral arrangements and picking out the clothes for him to be buried in. We let Colby pick out which hat he wanted on him. We had the wake, I don’t remember much about that, it really is a blur and I think when your brain can’t wrap around something, the endorphins or adrenaline or something kicks in the keeps you moving, breathing, living.

The day of his funeral, September 15, 2012…we had a small graveside service with family and some special friends. It hurt. Bad. I think that was the worst pain of the whole thing even though it was a rejoicing, it was a finality here on this earth. He lives on though here as well, in my son who thought there was no one in the whole world like his Papa Clyde, and with me and my childhood memories and in my daddy who had him to look up to for 18 more years than I did, and in his sister Lou who was with him way longer than Daddy was, and the many, many friends he had who loved him just as much as we do…so you see, he does live on down here as well.

That night after the funeral, there was a sweet baby girl born to a sweet family with whom Papa was a part of, not by blood but by love. She never got to meet him here, but I know she will hear all about him and also about a wonderful grandma she didn’t get to meet here as well. I know her mama will tell her about how papa spoiled everyone around him 🙂

Really then, there is no finality, even though last year at this time, I felt like it was. They say the first year of someone being gone is the hardest and I believe it, but I have had more good days and memories than bad and I also know that I will see him again one day so that eases the pain. To everyone who didn’t know him, you missed out. He was amazing, so generous and kind…yeah today hurts worse than two days ago, but I am one year closer to seeing him again.


Today marks a day no one will ever forget. Adults know where they were, what they were doing and also who they called to talk to and to check on. Lives were changed, people died. It was tragic and horrific. I feel like it was a warning, God is so displeased with the way things are in this world right now. He lets bad things happen to get people to seek Him. We have not. What has happened instead is that people get angry or refuse to acknowledge who He is. Just look at the ungodly, shocking things that take place and yet we, as Americans just sit back and become complacent and not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend anybody.

I heard an awesome preacher once preach a message on frogs. He talked about an experiment scientists did with a pot filled to the top with water and they placed the frogs in cold water and placed it on a stove. They gradually turned up the heat the frogs did not jump out. The water eventually got hot enough to kill them and they never once tried to get out. They were desensitized to it, they adjusted. That’s what we as Christian Americans are doing. We have become desensitized to the violent, demonic, vileness of the world.

We need to wake up and start seeing the big picture that’s going on around us.

This is not your typical 9/11 spiel, but look at the shape our country and the world is in since that day 12 years ago. We need to remember where we came from, how this country was founded and how we need to seek God again or we are going to end up going down like the frogs. I am talking to myself today just as much as anyone else who reads this!!

Still kickin’

No, I haven’t fell off the face of the planet, I’ve just been busy with lots of stuff.

Today, we start seventh grade. The desk is put together, there are lesson plans made out for half the year and we are all excited about it! Time flies and I can’t believe I will soon have a teenager.

I have also been reflecting a lot on how different things are right now than they were a year ago. The last little bit of time we had with papa was an eternity ago, but I can remember some things so vividly. I miss him…we all miss him and some days are harder than others, but I’m just so glad I get to see his smiling face again one day. I remember the awful guilt I felt after he died thinking that I was a nurse, I could have done more. I eventually got over that with the knowledge he didn’t have to lay here and hurt for hours, he didn’t get any bedsores, he didn’t go thirsty and he went out of this world in peace and knowing he was loved.

As for the baby making process…no news to share. I am, however, capable of making cysts on my ovaries. They are not near as fun as a baby would be though. We have also decided against adoption, so we aren’t doing the MAPP classes. Just a lot of reasons went into that decision.

I also booked our trip to Vegas! We are going the end of march for five nights. I want to see shows and the fountains and Pawn Stars lol. I am just so excited and so blessed to have such a wonderful man who plans and saves for me to enjoy life to the fullest!!! I know everyone around me gets tired of hearing it, but he is so amazing!

That’s all I got for now, y’all have a great week!!