Still kickin’

No, I haven’t fell off the face of the planet, I’ve just been busy with lots of stuff.

Today, we start seventh grade. The desk is put together, there are lesson plans made out for half the year and we are all excited about it! Time flies and I can’t believe I will soon have a teenager.

I have also been reflecting a lot on how different things are right now than they were a year ago. The last little bit of time we had with papa was an eternity ago, but I can remember some things so vividly. I miss him…we all miss him and some days are harder than others, but I’m just so glad I get to see his smiling face again one day. I remember the awful guilt I felt after he died thinking that I was a nurse, I could have done more. I eventually got over that with the knowledge he didn’t have to lay here and hurt for hours, he didn’t get any bedsores, he didn’t go thirsty and he went out of this world in peace and knowing he was loved.

As for the baby making process…no news to share. I am, however, capable of making cysts on my ovaries. They are not near as fun as a baby would be though. We have also decided against adoption, so we aren’t doing the MAPP classes. Just a lot of reasons went into that decision.

I also booked our trip to Vegas! We are going the end of march for five nights. I want to see shows and the fountains and Pawn Stars lol. I am just so excited and so blessed to have such a wonderful man who plans and saves for me to enjoy life to the fullest!!! I know everyone around me gets tired of hearing it, but he is so amazing!

That’s all I got for now, y’all have a great week!!


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