Today marks a day no one will ever forget. Adults know where they were, what they were doing and also who they called to talk to and to check on. Lives were changed, people died. It was tragic and horrific. I feel like it was a warning, God is so displeased with the way things are in this world right now. He lets bad things happen to get people to seek Him. We have not. What has happened instead is that people get angry or refuse to acknowledge who He is. Just look at the ungodly, shocking things that take place and yet we, as Americans just sit back and become complacent and not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend anybody.

I heard an awesome preacher once preach a message on frogs. He talked about an experiment scientists did with a pot filled to the top with water and they placed the frogs in cold water and placed it on a stove. They gradually turned up the heat the frogs did not jump out. The water eventually got hot enough to kill them and they never once tried to get out. They were desensitized to it, they adjusted. That’s what we as Christian Americans are doing. We have become desensitized to the violent, demonic, vileness of the world.

We need to wake up and start seeing the big picture that’s going on around us.

This is not your typical 9/11 spiel, but look at the shape our country and the world is in since that day 12 years ago. We need to remember where we came from, how this country was founded and how we need to seek God again or we are going to end up going down like the frogs. I am talking to myself today just as much as anyone else who reads this!!


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