Good things

You probably get tired of hearing how blessed I am. Well, guess what, I am not tired of telling you 🙂

I am still in amazement at my job. I am getting to work from home all the time now casually, which means I still have pictures up at my cubicle so I “live” there, but all my technology is at my house. I love it. I sit and talk to my members on the phone while looking out at the squirrels and lizards, and hummingbirds in my yard. I can take a nap on my lunch break or go to the mailbox. Homeschool is great, we can discuss things on my breaks and during lunch. I don’t think I will ever get over just how blessed I am to have gotten this job.

Anyway, enough about that so people at my old job won’t think I’m trying to “rub it in their faces” like I heard when I went for a visit not too long ago lol. No one chained me to the hospital so I’m thinking they aren’t either, just sayin….

Another thing I am so blessed in is my husband. I know, you probably are tired of hearing that too. Oh well, see above statement :-).

A few weeks ago we had a date night. I had came up with the idea (well, Pinterest helped) to make personalized mugs even though Robert doesn’t drink anything out of one, I thought it would be fun. I figured he would do it just to humor me, but he ended up putting his heart into and it has become one of my favorite material things. Here it is…



I thought it was the most precious thing ever. I love him more and more every day!!

Wishing you all as many blessings as I have, have a wonderful day!!!


2 thoughts on “Good things

  1. I feel like people get sick of me talking about how AWESOME our jobs are. I really don’t mean to rub it in their faces, I just truly love my job! We are very lucky. Maybe we should just talk about it amongst ourselves so people don’t think we are bragging. LOL!

    Cute mugs…how did you do them?

    • Yes, maybe we should start doing that….nah, we should not have to be quite about our happiness and being blessed.

      I got cheap mugs at big lots and we used sharpies then baked them for 30 mins on 350. The ink is coming off of mine though, I use it every morning so I’m glad I took pictures of it.

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