This post is coming to you live from Myrtle Beach!! Since Robert and I have been together we have been to the beach every September. I mentioned about a week ago that I was going to miss our tradition. Well, with a little prep work and extra school work for Colby and extra phone calls made by me, and some helpful wonderful coworkers, here we are.

We asked mama and daddy to go with us and I’m so glad we did, we are having a blast!!! We went to Pirate’s Voyage last night. Amazing!! We then came back to our awesome condo and played scattergories and I had bought one of those mad lib books for Colby yesterday where you insert adjectives and nouns and such into slots then read the (hilarious) story. We all would go around the room and give the type of word and then whoever was writing the words would read back the finished story. We all laughed so hard at those!

This evening we are going to go out and take some family pictures along the beach. I hope it’s not too windy. Loving my life and my family, I am so blessed!!!


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