Last year, for the month of November, I did the whole daily thankful thing on Facebook. This year, I decided not to do that again. I try to be thankful every day for every thing in my life, but I did want to take a few minutes and brag on how good God is to me and all that I do have to be thankful for…

Salvation, without that, nothing else would matter at all on this earth.
Robert, he completes my life and I am so thankful for the husband/step-daddy that I had faith he would be!!
Colby, the joy of my life, he is such a good kid and I have become so much more closer to him since we are homeschooling.
My parents, they have had some trials (and still face some now) but things are a little brighter than they have been.
Salvation for those four mentioned peopled…thank God for a Christian family.
Friends, they are like the icing on my cake of life 🙂 (Cynthia, Tina, Jessica, Leslie, and the ones I don’t get to see from mother/baby)
My awesome job, there are LOTS of things changing in health care and insurance, but I am so thankful to be where I am doing what I’m doing…it’s wonderful!!
My health, Lord please never let me take that for granted.
The health of my family.
The church I attend, there are so many out there where you don’t get what we do there!!
I am thankful for my opinionated big mouth, I don’t like to see anyone being bashed and I will speak up even if it’s none of my business. Remember there are always two sides to every story.
Of course, I am thankful for the material things I have been blessed with too, home, car, iPad, things like that, but they wouldn’t matter at all if I didn’t have Jesus.
Trials, they make us stronger.
Lastly, I have tried to refrain from blasting it all over Facebook, but there has been an answered prayer here, Robert has a new job. He will start Monday and it’s DAYTIME!! Woohoo, I’m a happy wife :-). It’s a great opportunity and he will be working for a good Christian guy.

I could really write a book on this topic of being thankful, there are still so many other things and people I could mention. If you are a part of my life, then just know I am thankful for you and I pray for you!!! Happy fall y’all!!!


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