I have been nominated by my friend Jenni for two awards, and I haven’t had time to blog about it.

Those little refillable cups you can get for the Keurig are not that great unless you like 7-8 coffee grounds per cup and having it spewed all over the outside of your cup while it brews.

Since working at home, I am keeping my house pretty clean 🙂

I get to take some pictures this afternoon!!

I think some of the traditions in church are weird, but the people who nastily “enforce” those traditions are annoying and do more harm than good.

I love Hobby Lobby and I wish we had one in Mt. Airy.

I’m still not pregnant and I’m kind of ok with it….

Robert works his butt off at his new job, but he likes it, it made me cry last week when he had to miss basketball.

Costco doesn’t take MasterCard. That stinks.

Walmart on Black Friday is madness, this was my first year and we were in and out in 25 minutes, but people are stupid crazy!!

That’s all for now, just letting you know I am still here and blessed. Hope you all have a great Sunday!!


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