I love Facebook most of the time, but recently every time I got on there I was getting mad over seeing people getting pregnant that have been in a relationship for five whole minutes, endless selfies, and negativity about EVERYTHING from some people. I also hate seeing fake people who you know things about their personal life and they put on such a front about how wonderful their relationship is to Facebook. I don’t think I am better than anyone and I may get on people’s nerves talking about my blessed life (which thank God it truly is) but I got tired of feeling mad, sad, resentful, angry and sometimes even enraged every day. So…I deactivated my account for 24 hours. I had intentions of staying off of it and I really feel my time will be way more limited on it now. I reactivated it because it is a way I can keep up with the people I want to and events going on. I had a little unfriending session and I found the “hide all from user” button for some of the people I want to keep up with them, but not every vine they like and recipe they share. I did it to help my peace of mind and keep my mood up, not bitter. So, if you don’t like my status updates or things that come across your news feeds, I invite you to try one of those two buttons too 🙂


3 thoughts on “Purge

  1. I hide people’s posts all the time, even members of my family-close members. It’s either unfriend them and deal with the questions or let my comments fly, which probably isn’t the best thing to do so I hide them. I totally do NOT get the selfies with the lips pouched out. If you are 16, okay. If you are 36, creepy!!! And I’ll say 90+% of those who share every “marriage works” status update are having marital issues. You hear the rumor about so and so who are having problems and then here comes the so shared marriage works status update. I should definitely avoid it more than I do. Thank goodness for the hide button!

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