True Thoughts Tuesday…

In case you don’t know it…it’s cold. I feel for my sweet husband who is out working in this and anyone who doesn’t have an indoor job. Stay warm out there!!

My mama got me a drinking bird for Christmas, it reminds me of my childhood. Look it up if you don’t know what it is. He sits on top of my desk and I love him 🙂

For those people who think I work in my pajamas everyday, you’re wrong. I take them off about 6pm before Robert gets home from work so I won’t be a frumpy wife lol. (Not really, I usually do get dressed every morning.)

I started going to a new Bible study last night to help with weight loss, I’m feeling EMPOWERED already, I will have control over food instead of vise versa and get victory over my health!!!

In less than three months, I will turn 39 (again lol), have a teenager, and be going to Las Vegas!!!

One of the things I like to do is draw house plans, I drew my dream house the other day…it’s only the low low price of half a mil…we will probably just stay in this doublewide and not be house poor lol!!!

I love my life and the people in it!!!!


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