Colby has to write a story every week and publish it to his blog for homeschool. A lot of the time he gets freedom to write whatever and sometimes I give him prompts. Last weeks prompt was this…
Imagine that a girl finds a suitcase full of money under a bridge, describe what happens next….

This is his story….


When I was a child, I often went with my mother to the park. It was an enjoyable time of the day, since the rest of it was made up of my parents screaming and crying. They thought I was oblivious, but I was always aware they were broken as a couple. Anyways, back to the park. When we went there, I was allowed to go everywhere, except one place. Under the bridge.

Now, seeing as I was rather fond of rule breaking at the time, I often ventured under the bridge to take a peek when my mother was in the ladie’s room or chatting with a jogger. I never understood why I wasn’t allowed to go under here, because the creek was shallow under it, not even reaching my ankles. Well, That all changed one day. I was trying to catch a small salamander I had spotted under the bridge, and began to lunge after it. After a while, it ran into a small hole, so naturally, like any kid would, especially a tomboy like me, I stuck my hand inside it. I didn’t feel the salamander, but… Something plastic.

Not hard, but plastic. I grabbed onto it, and pulled as hard as I could. It broke through the thin wall of dirt protecting it, causing me to get showered with dirt. I wasn’t worried about that though, as inside the bag was… Was something I couldn’t believe. It was a package of money. I ran out from under the bridge to my mother, and handed her the bag. She swore and stood up, then shot me a glare and asked me where I got this. I took her down to the bridge, then pointed at the hole that had appeared.

She quickly grabbed me and pulled me to the car, not caring that I was covered in dirt and water, and tossed me into the back seat. She drove us home, then proceeded to call the police. About 10 minutes later, they arrived and asked to see the bag and where we got it, among other questions. She handed it over, and the police thanked my mother and I, and said they would get back to us if they found out where this had come from.

About two or so months later, we were in the living room watching television, and we got a call. The police had returned to the site under the bridge, and had found a man there, desperately digging around. He was scrawny, and looked like he hadn’t eaten in days. They took him back to the police station, where he was identified as an escped convict, who had extorted over one hundred thousand dollars from banks and charities. He was immedietly given a trial, lost, and was then given a sentance, for how long I’m not sure, and then locked up.

Moral of the story: Salamanders stop criminals.

I love him and his creativity!!!!


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