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Things in my world are pretty good…no baby, no plans to try to remedy that for now with the way Robert’s job is, it’s hard to plan IUI when he’s gone from before sun up to after sun down, so just not really thinking about it too much and if it happens the old fashioned way then we’d be okay with that. Weight loss is happening, slowly, but surely. I’m trying to love running but I’m still not…any suggestions for getting my calves to not scream while I’m running would be appreciated. I want to stick with it though because I refuse to let my body determine my quality of life, there are so many things we can prevent happening to us if we do something about it. I believe (from my personal experience) reflux, plantar fasciitis, joint pain and depression can all get better with weight loss. Two months from now is our Vegas trip and I hope to be 20 pounds lighter to help keep that plane in the air lol!!! I’m working on a blog post that’s been stewing in my head for a while, maybe next week I will tap it out. I’m excited for a girls night out tomorrow with a few friends…one of the tiny drawbacks to working at home, I miss people. That is not enough of a drawback to make me ever want to do anything different though, I still am amazed at my career now. We finished up our second quarter in homeschool earlier this week, Colby had all A’s and B’s, I’m glad it’s challenging to him and he’s not breezing through. It’s a tough curriculum and I love it. So, that’s all that’s going on around here, thanks for stopping by!!


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