Good morning!

In less than one month I am going to do something I said I wouldn’t do…I’m going to CELEBRATE turning 40. I am blessed to have made it this far and have all the things of life that I have, so I’m not going to be whiney and mope about it, I’m going to embrace it. It’s just a number and I certainly don’t feel, act or especially look (haha) it!!

I am also getting prepared to teach a seminar in a couple of weeks, just a small piece on heart disease, but I’m nervous. I enjoy teaching though and I’m excited about the opportunity.

In other news, my husband is looking for a job. He is working out a notice until about the end of the month. We had prayed about it a lot. It’s a good job, but he was gone from before sun up until way after sun down, and that wasn’t conducive to our family. It was less than 30 minutes after he called and turned in the notice and one of his friends from his old job called about the possibility of them hiring where he used to work doing what he used to do. That didn’t work out because it was still going to have to be night shift, but still it was like God’s way of telling us things were going to be ok. He’s got a couple of prospects lined up as well, but we are just taking our time. I’m thankful he got out of that mill and off night shift, so it was an answer to a prayer when it came along. He really did love delivering, but he loves being home with us in the evenings more.

I’m also thankful I have my job, while we can make it with just my income, we will be eating pinto beans every night, but that’s ok, we won’t starve. It all works out like it’s supposed to.

I also have started another blog that’s a kind of devotional/teaching one, if you are interested in seeing that one let me know and I will give you the address.

Have a blessed Sunday!!


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