Slip away

Tomorrow marks the day that 13 years ago, I stood by the bedside of my papa as he embarked on his trip to Heaven. It was sad, and scary, and amazing. It felt very surreal as well… I remember the pain he had endured for those six months of battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma. This was a man who had never been to a doctor and pulled his own teeth when they bothered him, he was tough. To see him become so frail and withered, hurt.


He loved bluegrass music, tapping me on one shoulder while he was standing on the opposite side to make me look the other way, whistling like a bird, and making crazy squawking noises at me every time I saw him. He was not a man of many words and I don’t remember ever hearing him say I love you to me until a few months before he died. I know he did, he just wasn’t very good with words, I’m sure it had a lot to do with how he grew up. He got saved a few months before he passed, and that was what made the change in him, I believe.

The hurt isn’t as raw as it was at first, routines have changed with him being gone, and we have all adjusted. There will always be a missing part of our lives though, because his presence can never be replaced. He was a good husband, daddy, papa, and man. If you knew him, you liked him.

When he left us, there was such peace, I can’t even describe it. We all knew as we stood there around his hospital bed, when he took that last breath, he was seeing Jesus!! I can’t wait to see everything he’s been seeing now for 13 years, and I can’t wait to see him again too! Miss you Papa Marsh, see you soon…



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