Let me share a little story that happened recently… Robert and I were at a restaurant grabbing dinner. We were sitting in a booth with some people behind us with a child. They were a little obnoxious and loud (not so much the child, the adults were) so it worked my nerves a little. I was hungry anyway and had my back to them so it made it worse (I’m just weird like that).

Anyway, they said let’s go about 20 times but still kept sitting talking loudly and a few cuss words started flying. Well, then this man and little boy came in and walked up to their table and said he had been looking for them that they had tried to call and text all of their phones and couldn’t get them. He stood there for ten minutes talking to them loudly and then the two kids started playing and wandering around the restaurant maybe ten feet from their table. They really weren’t misbehaving, just had gotten bored with the adult conversations. The guy that came in with the little boy called them over to where he was when they started getting a little louder and giggly. He then proceeded to tell the little boy to “get the f over here”….my heart stopped, my blood boiled, and my mouth ran….

I told Robert (and I realize this was not very Christian-like and I am sorry) “I am ready to get out of here, these rednecks are getting on my nerves.” I didn’t think I said it very loud, but later Robert told me I did. We got our check and left, I don’t think any of the people did hear me, or I’m sure they would have called me out on it and the situation would have ended up different than it did.

It just really made me mad, but it really wasn’t any of my business. I just pray for that little boy because I’m sure his life isn’t very good and that makes me sad. I am all for making kids behave but, I don’t believe cussing kids is disciplining them, that’s abuse, I’m sure the adults doing it grew up hearing that too, but why don’t they stop and think about how it made them feel as a child? Grrrrrr

Realistically, what would you have done in that situation?


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