What I’m doing…

I have had people lately wonder about my food so here’s the skinny…

I am attending a Bible study for weight loss and have been for about eight weeks now. It’s a good program and helped me realize I am made to crave, but not food, I should be craving God. The program and books helped some, but then on February 17th we had a chiropractor/food guru come talk to our group and it really struck a chord with me.

Think about how people used to eat 200 years ago…they didn’t have the processed, chemical laden products we do now. They were healthier, there were no such diseases as fibromyalgia, or IBS, or so much rampant cancers. Our genetics have not changed, but our food sure has.

So, I am now eating a diet with no corn, wheat, soy, sugar, or cows’ milk unless it’s fermented (sour cream, butter, cheese, and some clean yogurts). Corn, wheat, and soy are what we feed the animals we should be eating. Our bodies don’t process them. (As Dr. B said, they just visit…think about corn the day after you eat it….). These foods cause an inflammatory process in your body which leads to all the above stated problems.

Yes, it is more expensive (a little) and it does take thinking about it and planning what to eat, but the good outweighs those reasons when you think of QUALITY of life, medical bills, medicine, and just being able to be healthy.

Our diet plays a tremendous role in our health. We are so unhealthy, fat, and have so many diseases now a days that can be stopped if we eat like our great grandparents ate.

You can lose weight by eating this way just because you are eating food God intended…not chemicals that your body is confused about. It doesn’t mean eating as much as you like, but I am not counting calories and have lost three pounds since February 18th when I started eating this way.

That’s what I am doing, in case you wanted to know :-)!!


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