Time flies when you’re having fun!

This poor neglected blog.

Life is busy…always. Which I am thankful for, it means I have things to do and I’m not growing to the couch.

God has answered some major prayers around here in the way we hoped He would. Robert has a new job with FedEx…yes, that’s where he just left, but this will be with a different contractor who owns the route here in Mt. Airy so he will be getting home much sooner. He is very excited about it!

Well, forty came and is here to stay until next year, we had an impromptu beach trip with some friends of ours and had an awesome time and of course Robert spoiled me with clothes and a Coach bag (which I didn’t know I wanted until that cute little purse spoke to me lol).

Colby turned the big 13 and we celebrated with a dinner at his daddy’s and step moms house the night of his birthday. Then he had a party Saturday with a lot of his friends and family. It was a great time…pics to come later, I just haven’t got to work on them yet.

We have found a house that we want to buy and upsize so if we ever do have a baby, it won’t have to sleep in our dining room. It has enough land that mama and daddy are hoping to sell their place and downsize with a nice single wide or build a cabin. Now, we just need to sell this place too.

In less than two weeks, my love and I will be in Las Vegas!!! I talked to one of my good frequent flyer friends yesterday and got all of my crazy, anxious questions answered about flying so hopefully I won’t have a break down :-).

That’s all I have for now, hope you are all well and busy too!!!