Random deep thinking

What kind of legacy and testimony are we leaving behind when we go? Will people remember us for how good and faithful we were or how we yielded to temptation and created strife? Life is hard, we were never promised it would be fair. We are not here for long at all, we should try to leave it a better place than when we got here.

I was not good in nursing school with behavioral health. I am not compassionate enough to understand those issues, I guess. I understand depression is real and hard to overcome, but I believe it’s a lot of times brought on people themselves by being under conviction from God over certain things in their life they have done and haven’t got forgiveness for. I also am becoming more and more convinced that certain medications out there for anxiety are brain changing substances that create addictions which just compounds the depression and at the same time, adding an addiction, or what I see as a crutch for people to use.

I believe medication alone is not a treatment for mental health. It takes counseling with a professional to get to the root of why the person feels they are depressed, anxious, hurt, rebellious, and addicted. Talking is powerful…this is why I blog, it makes me feel better, it’s one of my stress reliefs. The keyboard becomes my counselor and it’s like therapy to get things off of my chest and out of my head.

I am by no means even close to perfect, but I do feel that I can handle stress in my life and still be a happy person, even with alllllll of the stupid crap I have done in my past that if I wanted to ponder on it for the rest of my life, could make me depressed too. I have put that stuff under the blood and moved on. That is all we can do.

I lost a good friend yesterday, she had a lot of sad hard times in her life, but she always was smiling and sweet and everyone loved her. That is her legacy she left. This may seem like a bunch of totally different topics that I am writing about, but in my head and with a situation I am dealing with, it makes sense to me.

I guess the main things that are running through my head is this, suck it up, move on, live a good life that’s as pleasing to God as you can, enjoy your family, it’s really all you have and if you run them off you won’t have anything but heartache, get help if you need it, smile through the tears, and laugh often, get addicted to good things, always look for the positive even if it’s hard to find, and leave a legacy you, your family, and God will be proud of.


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