One thing’s for certain…

Change is inevitable! This is true for anyone today. Nothing ever stays the same. Go to Walmart sometime and try to find your favorite product, it won’t be there or will be moved across the store. Your hair…just look back at some old photos. Healthcare, don’t even get me started there lol.

Anyway, some more changes around here at the house. No, no, I’m not selling Tupperware now too, on top of all my other dabblings… Colby is going back into school next year for eighth grade. It’s time, he’s bored and has really come into his own as far as making friends and needs some people his age to hang out with. He had the homeschool group he participated in, begrudgingly at first, but really did get into it towards the end of this year. It makes me a little (ok, a lot) sad that this chapter is closing, but I’m just super glad we got the opportunity to do it as long as we did and he enjoyed it, and is ready to do something different.

Things are well with Roberts’ job now, he gets home everyday usually by 3 and we get lots of time together now, that makes us all happy!! My job is going well, still enjoy my flexibility of working from home. I’m very excited about my launch party for Pure Romance next Thursday evening! I wake up everyday going through it in my head and making sure I have everything planned out. If you didn’t get an invite on Facebook and are interested in coming, just send me a message and I can add you to the event page. It’s going to be awesome!!

I’m loving life and I am just so blessed, changes can be good sometimes, even if they are scary!! Hope you all have a great day!


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