Common courtesy

It’s what I believe this whole society lacks anymore. You see it on the roads, in stores, in movie theaters, and even in churches. Everyone is doing what they want to do no matter how it affects anyone else. Here are a couple of examples…

I was in Walmart (unfortunately) a few days ago, there was a log jam of people in the main aisle behind the registers. When we finally got going through, come to find out the cause was two women standing there talking, and a little girl about two or three pushing a plastic buggy out in the middle of the mob. The mother was oblivious to her daughters behavior, because she was in the way too…. I have stopped to talk to people before out in public, but I try to have enough respect for others to get out of their way.

Then another thing that happens in Walmart that proves my theory, is if you are standing in an aisle looking for a product you want and someone comes right up in front of you without so much as an kiss my butt or excuse me. I am known for my lack of patience, but I do have enough to wait for someone to move or say excuse me and quickly grab what I need and move on, not get in their space and take up five minutes for what I need.

This increasingly growing epidemic goes back to children. As parents we are raising kids to be adults. A child’s personality is developed by the time they are three years old. That’s when we are to be molding them into the kind of people that others don’t dread seeing come around. It’s not all about them, but so many parents now a days are afraid to make their kid mad at them. Parenting isn’t for the lazy, it takes lots of work to RAISE kids. Mine isn’t perfect, he gets in trouble once in a while, but he is respectful at all times and people enjoy being around him.

I really could rant on and on over this topic, but what good would it do? I will just keep trying to exercise common courtesy to my fellow humans along this ride with me, and work on my patience as well. (But it does drive me nuts lol!!!). Y’all have a great blessed day and try not to be oblivious to others today!


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