The latest

I had forgotten, for a bit how therapeutic it is for me to blog. I get busy with everything else in life and forget to stop and write it down. Speaking of busy, here’s what all is going on in our life.

Bowling! That is our newest and most time consuming hobby, we love it! It is something we can do together, that’s not out in the heat like golf, and we have fun. We have met some truly awesome people and really enjoy their company.

Work…Since March I have been kind of stressed about work due to being switched to a different team…I didn’t want to be, but it is finally looking up now. I am thinking about applying for a supervisor job, and I really think I would do good at it just for the simple fact that I am resourceful and available.

Pure Romance…I have had a few parties now, and really enjoy teaching women! That has been the two biggest compliments from almost every woman I talk to, they had fun and they learned something. That was my whole goal with starting this. It’s kind of hard in the summer to do parties, everyone is busy and I totally understand that. I am thinking it’s going to be a busy fall for me though and I am excited!

Colby…he has turned into the most wonderful teenager, his voice is so deep now and he probably needs to shave soon. He is a head taller than me too…I didn’t think growing up would happen so fast, but it has and it’s bittersweet. He is excited about getting back into public school and all of the classes he is going to take. He is so smart, I’m not sure where he got that from lol!!

Robert…his job at Fedex is so great now since he has a route closer to home. He gets home almost everyday by three o’clock. He loves it and so do I. As far as the baby making process, we have kind of just let it go. We are both ok with it if it happens and if not, then we will just keep going wide open with bowling, golfing, travel, work, and whatever else we can do that doesn’t require packing up everything to take a baby along too. We have peace about it.

So that is a little run down in case you were wondering. I have been working a lot of weekends lately and I am really excited about being off tomorrow and getting to go to my church. My best friend and I went to an old pastor of ours church last Sunday and it was great, but I miss my church. I haven’t been in about six or seven weeks now. I hope you all have a great day!!


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